Privacy Policy


For visitors & members of Ploddings alike, here's more information about the site's privacy policy, and how it handles user information. Most importantly, site purchases are handled independently & securely by Stripe, and user information (email addresses) by Memberstack & Mailerlite. Since inception in 2019, there have been no issues in handling user information by Ploddings.

What Information Is Gathered?

Apart from Stripe, Memberstack, and Mailerlite, which handle user information from account creations and site purchases, Google Analytics (GA) is the sole 3rd party tracking tool used by Ploddings. The use of GA is standard across nearly all sites and blogs. If you don't have an ad-blocker on your browser, the GA "pixel" or "tag" records information like your session time, region, page views, and site journey. Importantly, your identity is not linked to this information — it's given to the site admin in aggregate, such that he or she sees "1,002 page views", "32% visitors from the United States", and so on. It's anonymous and encrypted, and can be blocked with an ad-blocker.

Deleting Your Account

If you wish to delete your existing account information, please contact the site admin via the "Contact" page. Your email address, name, and other account information will be permanently deleted. Confirmation can also be provided.

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