Privacy Policy


With every year passing year, keeping a lid on the personal information about yourself from being unleashed seems to be getting trickier and trickier. Fortunately, unlike scheming social media sites that for some reason need your birthday and address, Ploddings is simply a site for storing guitar lessons online. Little, if any, information of yours is required for you to simply watch a Vimeo video lesson, or see accompanying guitar tablature.

What Information Is Gathered?

Still, there is a slight amount of information gathered; though, this applies if you purchase a collection of paid guitar lessons. Here's a summary of what data is collected, and the 3rd party platforms used:

  • Apps: this site uses Webflow for CMS, Memberstack for memberships, Stripe for payments, Stripe for order confirmation emails, and Mailerlite for email updates. Research can be done on each app to determine whether it's within your accepted levels of safety
  • Personal data: payment information is encrypted on Stripe (site manager cannot access it); other personal data involved is your email address & password. your email address is stored in Stripe & Mailerlite, and your site password is encrypted in Memberstack (site manager cannot access it).

Deleting Your Account

If, for any reason, you'd like to extinguish your account on Ploddings, please do not hesitate to ask! By visiting the "Contact" page, you can request deletion of your account, and it'll be wiped clean from the site database; similarly, if you have any active subscriptions on the mailing list, Stripe, or any other platforms, they will be scrubbed.