What's the purpose of the Ploddings blog?

This site began as an outgrowth of the Blah148 Youtube channel, focusing on tutorials for pre-war blues guitar. That began around 2011 and continues to be the theme for the blog today. However, that scope is likely to spread (and has already started spreading) to other areas of the guitar, such as technique, theory, or anything else that might be helpful. It aims to offer a different point-of-view for learning the guitar, accessible and easy-to-use for anyone.

How does the content pipeline look right now?

At this time of writing, nearly July 2023, the content pipeline will be delivering some fingerpicking lessons, music reading lessons (as well as other basic songs, for beginners), and more blues songs. It's mostly going to be a game of "filling in the gaps", for anything that might be necessary to know to play the songs shared.

What's the backstory of Ploddings?

Actually, an earlier iteration of this site existed (and still exists) from "long ago". Back in 2012, as an extension again of the Blah148 Youtube channel, there was a Blogspot called "Delta Blues Guy", which was basically what this is now — a storage place for blues tutorials and other guitar topics. Things haven't changed very much since then!

Is Ploddings "better" than other sites?

No, there's nothing particularly "better" about Ploddings than anywhere else. It's heavily encouraged, as a learner of the guitar, to try all resources (private teachers, books, Youtube, UDemy, friends) "at your fingertips", and lean into the ones that work best for your unique learning style. That being said, Ploddings is kind of special, in that it's the only place you'll find coverage of niche pre-war blues songs, such as those recorded by King Solomon Hill, Peg Leg Howell, Robert Johnson, and many others! ;)

Posted by blah148