At the end of the day, the loftiest of dreams for Ploddings is for it simply become a highly detailed, intuitive, yet accessible-to-all alternative (among other great sources online and offline) for musicians to understand the guitar.

It's not meant to unearth all frameworks for the guitar while explaining them to perfection; rather, to occupy a small niche of visualizing the guitar in different ways, and (attempt to) fill gaps where available guitar content is sparse, for example by creating tutorials on more obscure songs. This way, rather than the project having vein hubris in attempting an internet content "game of thrones", the straight-forward goal is to produce additional quality options for normal people seeking information on the guitar.


To knock down those longer term goals for the site, there are (finally) a few things on-the-go for the internals of Ploddings. These include the following:

  • Reworking the aesthetics of the site
  • Organizing the content into various collections (for better accessibility)
  • Fundraising for the site in sustainable but minimally distracting or offensive ways
  • Creating plenty of new video content covering a wide-range of topics

As of writing this in early 2023, all of these mile markers are either in progress or within reach of completion, fortunately! Ultimately, emphasis must be on the 4th point, creating quality, and accessible, content over a long time horizon.


While 'plodding' along the path towards those mountaintops described above, it's important to remain 'true' in order to keep a lid on distractions and complications. That comes down to integrity shown towards the everyday users of the content, seeing as the ideal is for this to become an accessible and useful tool for guitar learners. By keeping a small village mentality, respecting private information, not overcharging for content, always keeping open conversation with users, the long-term viability of this content library will only increase.