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My Little Girl


My Little Girl follows the same kinds of aggressive single-note patterns as 11 of Petway's 14 recorded songs — with a matching song structure (Texas blues monotone bassline, alongside an improvising treble-side). This one's taken at a slightly slower tempo though, very loose, though still extremely bitey and confident in style.


Standard — but each string detuned one half-step, so Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
Capo Position


Song Lyrics

My little girl, my little girl
I'm sorry when you left your happy home
She said dad, look here daddy, you sure did treat me wrong

Well I'm sorry now baby
I mistreated you wrong
Well I'm sorry now baby
I ever mistreat' you wrong
Every I 'member now little girl, oh honey, that you want to leave your home

She looked me sweet baby
Well she mistreat me all the time
She looked at me sweet baby
And she mistreats me all the time
If you don't stop mistreat'n me baby
Ah well you sure gonna lose your mind

She said don't mistreat me now daddy
Just because I'm young and wild
Don't mistreat me now daddy
Just because I'm young and wild
Got to 'member now she said sweet papa
That you won't have a low down child

-- Play it now man, he play it a long time --

Song History

Year of Recording

28 March 1941


Chicago, Illinois

Record Label

Bluebird B8786