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Bertha Lee Blues


Here's a great Petway song, Bertha Lee Blues, which shows how he'd just unravel these pentatonic lines, all the while playing these sharp, aggressive pulses on the bass-side. Many of his other songs, other than Ride 'Em On Down, Catfish Blues, and Boogie Woogie Woman take on this general form.


Standard — EADGBE
Capo Position

3rd Fret

Song Lyrics

Bertha Lee
You sho' have been good to me
Bertha Lee
You sho’ have been good to me
You been good, Bertha Lee
That you's intend to be
'You sho is, baby’

Bertha Lee
Honey, please don't you stray from home
'I'm talkin' 'bout you, Bertha Lee'
Bertha Lee
Please don't you stray from home
If you do, Bertha Lee
Something sho’ is goin’ on wrong
'Yes, yeah’
'Come back Bertha Lee some night'

'Well, alright’

Bertha Lee
Whyn't you come back home to me?
Bertha Lee
Whyn't you come back home to me?
Can see dawn
Bertha Lee, h'oh babe, I sho' can't see

Look-a-here now, Bertha Lee
I don't want ya even runnin' around
Oh, Bertha Lee
I want you leave or just run around
If you do Bertha Lee
Please lay my money down
Yes, yeah
'Play 'bout Bertha Lee now little while, call her'

H'oh, Lordy

Song History

Year of Recording



Chicago, Illinois

Record Label

Bluebird B9008