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Thumbin’ A Ride


Here's quite an interesting song again from Robert Pete Williams, which displays his inventive fingerstyle playing alongside rhythmically intense backbeats. The main riff stays fairly steady, with a kind of counterpoint-like line, between the bottom string and the mid-range strings. During his solo parts, Robert Pete plays some favorite licks of his, jumping up to the top string and slowly making his way down the pentatonic scale until the lines are back to the main, accompanying riff.

Overall, it's another awesome selection from the Free Again album.


Standard — but each string detuned one half-step, so Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
Capo Position


Song Lyrics

Wasn't able to find the lyrics online

Song History

Year of Recording

16 October 1960


Baton Rouge, LA

Record Label

Fantasy F24716