June 25, 2023

About the blues artwork on the site

robert johnson meeting someone at the crossroads

One popular question from site visitors here is "who drew the blues artists here?" For example, if you check out the "threads" (clicking into the top menu), you'll see artwork for musicians like Robert Pete Williams, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and so on, depicting their portraits. Those were all created by an artist named Felipe Nunes, solely for this blog, and as you can see he did an incredible job! They're cool in that they're almost like an alternative to the Crumb blues musician portraits — and if you haven't seen those, they're worth looking up. Maybe it's because of the climate down there, in Rio, Florianopolis, etc, but it seems like Brazilian artists have a special way with colors. At least, the colors he uses here are really cool, and the site's themes have been adapted for that. If you'd like to see more of his work, you can visit his Instagram: @nunes_nunes.

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