Welcome to Ploddings! Here is some general information about signing up, and what a site membership covers.

How signups work

There is a monthly US$5 fee to have an active Ploddings account. The signup process uses Stripe by default. Memberships can be cancelled at anytime, with any applicable refunds processed through your Stripe account.

If you can't use Stripe, or can't afford the fee, that's okay. You can contact the site admin for alternatives or waiving of the fee.

Ploddings has a short-list of site guidelines laid out in Terms & Conditions; please read and understand them.

Accessibility changes

After registering an account, you will have access to 2 areas: (a) new song guides, (b) archive lessons.

a) New song guides

These are deep-dive song guides (approximately 1-3 releases per week), with MIDI tablature & practice tools such as audio playback, looping, and tempo control. Site members can view & download the full versions.

Song Lesson

b) Blues lessons archive

An archive of unreleased video lessons for 110 pre-war blues songs. Going through the discographies of King Solomon Hill, Peg Leg Howell, Son House (1940s), Robert Johnson, Robert Petway, Charley Patton, Geeshie Wiley, Blind Joe Reynolds, and others.

Note: each 'archive' lesson has downloadable PDF tablature, but they're not as accurate & not in MIDI-playalong format as the 'new song guides' currently are

Song Lesson

Further reading

Does that sound ok? Great! Go ahead and sign-up for an account here. At the end of the process you'll be directed towards Stripe, and upon your return, you should be able to login as a brand-new Ploddings member!

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