The Gone Dead Train

This song was recorded in January 1932, released under Paramount 13129, in Grafton, WI

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And I'm goin' way down Winden
Lord, I'm gonna try to leave here today
Tell 'em I believe I'll find my way
And that train is just that way

Gotta go on that train
I said I'd even broke my jaw job
Boys, if you out and runnin' around in this world this train will wreck your mind
Spoken: Your life, too

Lord, I once was a hobo
I crossed a many a point2
But I decided I'd go down the frog3 travelin' light
And take it as it comes
Spoken: I reckon' you know the fireman and the engineer would, too

There are so many people have gone down today4
And this fast train north and southern traveling light and clear5

Oooo-ooh, I wanna ride your train
I said, "Look here, engineer, can I ride your train?"
He said, "Look here, you oughta know this train ain't mine and you're asking me in vain"

Said, "You go to the Western Union, you might get a chance"
Spoken: I didn't know the Western Union run no train
Said, "You go to the Western Union, you might get a chance"
You might get wire to some of your people and your fare will be sent right ahere
Spoken: Hadn't thought that's the way it is

I wanna go home, and that train is done gone dead
I wanna go, that train is done gone dead
I done lost my6 wife and my three little children, and my mother's sick in bed

Oooo-ooh please, help me win my fare
'Cause I'm a travelin' man, boys I can't stay here

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