Rolling Mill Blues

This song was recorded in 10 April 1929, released under Columbia 14438-D, in Atlanta, Georgia

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The rolling mill, baby, done broke down
They're shipping no iron to town

The longest train I ever seen
Ran 'round Joe Brown's coal mine

The engine was at the Four Mile Hill
And the cab had never left town

Corinne, Corinne, my lovin' Corinne
Honey, let your bangs grow long

The train rolled of the tracks last night
And killed my lovin' Corinne

Her head was found in the driving wheel
And her body have never been seen

I didn't bring nothing to this old world
And I won't carry nothing away

It was late last night when my honey come home
I heard a rapping on her door

She got up in her stocking feet
Went tipping across the floor

Tell me, pretty mama, what evil have I done
To make you treat me so?

I've killed no man and I've robbed no train
And I've done no hangin' crime

The lastest words I heard my baby say
"What more, babe, can I do?"

"I've done more for you than I'll ever do again
Goodbye, my love, goodbye"

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