In The Evening

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Capo position: 3rd Fret
This song was recorded in 20 February 1942, released under Bluebird B9008, in Chicago, Illinois

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In the ev’nin, baby
Oh Lord, when the sun go down
‘Yes, yes, you know I ain’t wrong’
In the ev’nin, baby
Oh Lord, when the ev’nin sun goin’ down
‘We gon’ sho’ *Tom, take us time’
‘You know we gonna do, hear me partner’
Carryin’ ev’nin on, look partner
Well, we sho’ gonna take our time

This man forgot me last night
Picked me up this mo’nin so soon
‘I’m talkin’ ’bout the man look good at me, now’
He forgot me last night
He picked me up this mo’nin so soon
Well, he told me ‘Look out, man
Somebody sho’ gonna have your room’

Look-a-here now, little woman
Anything I want, I can for you
Said, look-a-here my little woman
Anything in the world, I can for you
When the sun go down now, partner
H’oh babe, what in the world you wanna do?

Don’t the sun
Lonesome when she go down?
Don’t the sun, now partner
Lonesome when she go down?
Said, look-a-here, now black man
He don’t even ‘llow me ’round

H’oh well, baby
Wanna make ev’rything all right
H’oh well, baby
Make ev’rything all right
Goin’ to be now, sweet mama
Wear your wig tomorrow night

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