I Gave My Love A Cherry

A painting of a bowl of cherries

As the first song to incorporate the low E string, here's "I Gave My Love a Cherry". It's also known as the Riddle Song, coming from 15th century England, and apparently making its way to America via Appalachian settlers.

The Notes You'll Be Using

You'll use the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th strings for this song. Here are the notes you've learned for review.

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Reading the Song

It's a bit trickier reading music with notes this low. Those added lines you see in the first notes (since they're below the music staff) called "ledger lines" make things a bit more challenging to the naked eye, as you scan through, but as before the more you "see" it, the more it'll ingrain. It too can be familiarized and made more intuitive.

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