Happy Birthday

A girl setting the table for a happy birthday
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Happy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday Dear (name)Happy Birthday to You

To cap off the learning the top 3 strings, here's Happy Birthday. By now, you've made great progress if you've sequentially worked through these, ingraining the note names of the strings into your "mind's eye". Following this, you'll move onto the 4th string; the D string.

The Notes to Review

Here's your fretboard/note cheat sheet to figure your way through the song.

help gabcdefg

Playing the Song

Alright now you're ready to dive into the deep end. Best of luck working through the classic, Happy Birthday, which according to Guiness World Records is the most recognizable song in English! As a reminder, you can always review the section on music notation, to brush up on knowing any of these symbols.

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