Hall Of The Mountain King

An illustration of the Hall of Mountainking Story

Alright, you're basically all through with this thread. Here's the final song, so may as well add it under your belt. It's the timeless "In the Hall of Mountain King" melody, written here using a mix of flats and sharps, just to keep you on your toes.

Open Position Notes as Flats & Sharps

Since you'll be using both flats and sharps, here are both diagrams. This is the diagram mapping all the open position notes as sharps, for your review.

help all sharp

Next, these are the open position notes, with the gaps labelled as flats.

help all flat

Working Through the Song

There's a reason why this song is the "final boss"! It's one to wrestle with, but I believe in you. Its got ledger lines, sharps, flats, all the strings, even repeat signs (if you want to adhere to those); lots of booby traps, but one you filter to the other side you'll know it's worth the grind. Best of luck.


As the final segment, it'll just be a summary of all these notes you've learned to read for the 6 strings — then you're done.

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