Concert Pitch & Tuner

Concert pitch is a standard tuning that all instruments tune to. The "A" note above middle C on a piano and the 1st string 5th fret "A" on a guitar should have the frequency of 440 Hz. That would be 440 cycles per second.

This term in usually abbreviated as "440 Concert Pitch"

Image 1

By playing the A note on the 1st string 5th fret you are playing a standard A 440 concert pitch note.

Image 2

This is showing graphically how that note looks over a timeframe of 1 second. You can see how the note volume fades but the cycles (vertical lines) remain evenly spaced.

Image 3

This image is showing a 1/10 of a second snippet of diagram 2. Now you can easily see the even spaces between each cycle.

Image 4

Here this is demonstrating what 1 out of the 440 cycles looks like.

Image 5
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