Almost Dead Blues

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This song was recorded in September to November 1960, released under Arhoolie / City Hall Records — F 1001 (2012), in Baton Rouge, LA

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You know, I walk along sometime, to myself. I wonder, "Does ev'ybody have the same idea that I got?"
Sometime I has a mind to leave this place. I tell my people that sometime--but they say:

"You know, you doin' time." Yeah, I do know I'm doin' time, but I thinks about my brother then
All of them is well, and I'm the one that's been hangin' around here

I take the blues bad sometimes. I got somethin' to tell you, baby, but I hate to tell you this
You may not want to hear it. Sometime I be walkin' along, feel like to me I'm gon' fall dead

She asks me what's wrong with me. I don't know, maybe my nerves bad. 'Cause I don't drink that much
But I think the most of it--just about worked out

But you know, the way I work outchere, baby, now, it's many mornin' to go back there and work
You know, they, they do allow a man a break up there
But I ain't had nary here, since I been here. Work you up in there

But I don't blame nobody, nobody but myself
I don't blame nobody, baby, nobody but myself
Lord, what I did down there, brought it all on myself

You better draw me an insurance, darlin'
So you can have somebody to debt on me
'Cause I liable to haul off and die, baby
Ain't about the thing that you get after my death

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