What Year Did Blues Music Start?

So what year did so-called "blues" music start? Rather than an exact date, it evolved over decades before recorded music began in the early 1900s in the USA.

What Is The Most Common Form Of The Blues

Many ponder what is the most common form of the blues. That could be related to the sub-genre of blues, the chord progression of blues, and other aspects.

Robert Johnson Crossroads Location

That classic Robert Johnson Crossroads location, where he sold his soul. It's at the intersection of Highways 1 & 8 in Rosedale, Mississippi, USA.

Oscar Peterson and Gentle, Dreamy.. Dreamscapes

Letting Oscar Peterson's sublime playing fill your computer speakers, you'll reach a nice level of relaxation. Here he is playing a medley of wonderful ballads

Best Way to Learn Guitar Quickly

Arguably, the best way to learn the guitar quickly is by using *all ways of learning available to you! Then, you can lean into the learning styles that work best

Guitar Part Names

View a complete glossary of guitar part names, alongside descriptions, with this in-depth article. Discover the anatomy of the guitar, to become a truly woke guitarist.

How Many Strings Does a Guitar Have?

You may wonder how many strings guitars have. Dating back hundreds of years, guitars have been like frankenstein's, with all sorts of string combinations

How to Tune a Guitar

The most commmon way tuning for guitars is Standard Tuning, EADGBE. However, many other "standard" types of tunings exist, and all have their pros and cons

How to Hold a Guitar

Here's a deep-dive into ways of holding the guitar. You'll know about the conventional ways, plus other unorthodox and creative ways the guitar has been held

Hendrix Hear My Train A Comin 12 String Acoustic

Hendrix's version of Hear My Train a-Comin' when he was handed a 12-string guitar is a great moment in guitar history. His playing is pure magic!





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