Picking the guitar

In plucking the strings, there are a few options available, and you could stick with just one for the rest of your guitar playing life, totally ignoring the others.

The main types of picking involve: (1) using a pick/plectrum, (2) fingerpicking [a] index/pointer .. [b] index/pointer/middle are usually the 2 most popular fingerpicking options, and (3) a 'hybrid' of plectrum/finger-picking.

Holding the guitar pick

The sturdiest way to hold the guitar pick is usually be squeezing the thumb against the 'side' of your pointer finger.

(Holding the pick with the thumb pinching against the finger-side)

Then, your other fingers (kind of by making pseudo-fist) can push up against your pointer-finger, supporting that pointer-finger against your thumb squeezing down.

But truly there's all sorts of 'personalities' in picking the strings of the guitar. Wes Montgomery used only his thumb.. Elizabeth Cotten finger-picked the bass-notes with her pointer, and treble-notes with her thumb.. Merle Travis only fingerpicked with his thumb & pointer.. Danny Gatton used a plectrum, but combined it with fingerpicking in a 'hybrid' style.. then there's Stanley Jordan who doesn't even really "pick" the guitar in the traditional sense.