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Delta Blues & Other Musings

Wassoulou musicians in West Africa

Where Did The Blues Start?

tl;dr Although people point to the Mississippi Delta as where the blues began, this is incomplete. Instead, a blues type of music was already being developed in …
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Early group of African musicians in America

What Year Did Blues Music Start?

tl;dr The blues probably started between 1850 and 1899, given early anecdotes and evidence from pioneering musicians. It’s difficult to place an exact date, since it was …
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Keith Richards and Mick Jagger early years

Who Did Robert Johnson Influence?

tl;dr Before King of the Delta Blues Singers was released in 1961, Johnson’s influence was actually fairly limited.However, after producer John Hammond helped to push for …
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Ma Rainey, one of the first singers of the blues

Who Was the First Blues Singer?

tl;dr It’s impossible to trace a first blues singer, but the first recorded blues musician, within the genre which today is recognized as blues, was probably …
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Where Is Robert Johnson Buried?

tl;dr Robert Johnson is buried in Little Zion Baptist Church’s cemetary, in Greenwood, Mississippi. Studied since 1965, it took until the early 2000s to truly confirm his …
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